About Us

Here at MateusMonique we offer Eco Friendly & Vegan Fashion Accessories for Women, Men and Children. These include sheepskin booties, hats, linen slippers or handmade straw hairbands.

We see sustainability as the stand, not a luxury, hence we offer affordable pricing. 

We also, pride ourselves on reducing waste, using FSC and Bio- Degradable materials and packaging. 

Our Story 

After graduating from The University of Portsmouth, I realised that there weren't that many sustainable and affordable items available, so because of this, we started successfully supplying local boutiques with our products and opened our website in 2014. 

We strongly believe in supporting sustainable businesses, contributing to waste reduction and promoting happier and healthier 'Green Living as Nature Intended'.

I grew up on a beautiful countryside in Poland surrounded by nature, which inspired me in everything I do. 

The name MateusMonique derives from my two youngest members of my family: 

Monika, my youngest sister and Mateusz, my nephew. 

We are a proud member of Surrey Hills Enterprises (organisation in Surrey, UK which supports local enterprises, develops thriving economy and promotes sustainability). 

Personally, I would love to get involved in any conservations, restoration or renovation projects across Surrey Hills Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and teach my active 5 year old son about the importance of conservation, sustainability and a healthy lifestyle.